Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Have you ever suffered from pain in your mouth due to your third molars, better known as your wisdom teeth? This pain leads to dental problems and often results in having the teeth removed. Luckily, a Wisdom Tooth Extraction is a fairly common procedure and can be the remedy to an impacted tooth, which doesn’t break through the gums, or a tooth which has come through the gums that may still require removal. In this procedure, you’ll start by getting x-rays of the problem tooth, numbing the site, and then injecting a local anesthetic. After that, you will have to loosen the periodontal ligament and then lift the tooth using a dental elevator. Using dental forceps, you will loosen and finally remove the tooth. When you’re finished, we’ll go over the patient’s healing and recovery process. It’s time to get started, so let’s scrub in!

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