LASIK Eye Surgery

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Huh? Who said that?

If you are tired of dealing with glasses or squinting to read signs in the distance, then you should consider LASIK Eye Surgery. In this outpatient refractive procedure, lasers are used to correct vision issues by changing the structure of the cornea. This may entirely eliminate reliance upon glasses or contacts. In this interactive LASIK Eye Surgery, you will assist in numbing the patient’s eye and cleaning the area for the procedure.  With a speculum, you will hold the eye open, mark the cornea using a water-soluble ink, then attach a suction ring to it. After that, a specialized blade device is used to cut into the corneal flap and peel it back so that the laser can clear away corneal tissue underneath. This process corrects the shape of the cornea in less than a minute before putting the corneal flap back in place. After the procedure, we will go over LASIK Eye Surgery recovery instructions. Scrub in and let’s get started!

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