Teeth Cleaning

Clean Those Teeth!

Many of us dread visiting the dentist, but there are a lot of benefits to regular dentist appointments. One of the routine procedures that are done to maintain dental health is Dental Prophylaxis, more commonly known as Teeth Cleaning.

The Steps Involved in Teeth Cleaning

Taking care of your mouth can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, reduce halitosis (simply known as bad breath) and it can help in the prevention of a heart attack and stroke. During this interactive dental procedure, you will use a periodontal probe to check the health of the patient’s gums, and use a scaler to take off any plaque or tartar build up. Using a tooth paste, you will polish our patient’s teeth, then rinse the teeth with the air/water syringe, and use a suction to remove water from the mouth. You’ll finish up by flossing in between the teeth and going over best practices to maintain great dental health. Our patient is ready, so let’s get started!

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