What’s Surgery Squad All About?

Our goal with Surgery Squad is to educate visitors through an interactive, personal patient education experience. Everyone knows that medicine and surgery are serious and complex topics. Fortunately, we believe people want to have a pleasant, goal-oriented visual experience to understand the complex or unfamiliar concepts of the surgical procedures.

Surgery Squad is created and managed by the award-winning developers at Clearly Trained. This site began as a dream that was cultivated over several years – and finally, in 2010, the right team of experts allowed us to transform it into something larger than our imagination and an excessive amount of dry-erase boards. Clearly Trained currently works on projects ranging from custom eLearning development for companies like Lowes and Bombardier to medical and pharma projects and simulations for Genentech, Quill, Boston Scientific and more.

If the idea of performing interactive surgeries intimidates you, our virtual physicians, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Suzi are available assist you through the liposuctions, tonsillectomies, dental procedures, and more!

As with all medical sites online, keep in mind that the information available on Surgery Squad is not to be treated as medical advice. We also do not provide medical advice through customer service or individual consultation. If you have a medical issue or emergency, please call your doctor or emergency services immediately.

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